A0: Sparks

You’ll be randomly assigned to a week in class where you, individually, will be responsible for sharing an inspirational project you found. You may not duplicate something already shown in class. Each week 2 people will present at the beginning of class. Make just 1 slide (but you can click on links and walk us through things.) Tell us 1 thing about it that you thought was cool and 1 thing that is critical.

See the schedule and add your slide in this shared class deck before the day you present. We will not send reminders for your day; please set reminders for yourself!

A1: Five Days

For this first assignment you’ll be randomly assigned to a group of 3. Select one AR app of your choice; each teammate should install it and use it at least once per day for four days. Compare notes at the end. On day five, redesign one interaction from the app and mock a <10 sec. video of what it would look like from a user’s phone.

You can find a starting list of interesting mobile AR apps under Resources.

A2: De-teched

You’ll be randomly assigned to a group of 3. Imagine it’s the year 2023 and you architected Buell Hall as it is, except you had the foresight to also make the building smart (interpret “smart” as you like.) Your users are students who enter your building and might want to know a piece of information or want help with something; they could be new students or returning students. Feel free to reimagine education differently in 2023. You can assume everyone will have some sort of AR device like Google Glass in 2023.

Choose one of these information axes (i.e. tensions) that AR might enable as your conceptual starting point:

Then choose a user scenario and design a mini AR interaction that you can present in class using only the following materials: