Assignment 4: Final Project

What information experiences are possible in hybrid physical-digital spaces of the future?

Form teams of up to 4 people, teams of one is perfectly acceptable.

For students who are interested, there’s an opportunity to publish with The Interaction Review by on

Week 1: A4.1 Ideas

Choose one (and only one) of the prompts, create 3 divergent directions and present your concept in a Miro board.

Submit your Miro URL by 4/7 Wed 6pm. In class, you will present by sharing your screen, so you can count on being able to control your board. Aim for a 5min. presentation.

Week 2: A4.2 Refine

Based on feedback in class on A4.1, refine your ideas so that you end with one storyboard for each of the videos you plan to make. Be prepared to present in class for 4 min. Feel free to submit storyboards as Google Slides or a Miro board URL.

Week 3: A4.3 Prototype

Create concept videos / prototype your user experience. No presentations this week.

Week 5: A4.5 Evaluate + Conclusion + Documentation

Test/show your prototype with 2 or 3 users.

Deliverable: a final presentation, submitted here, with the following components (though they need not be worded literally or in this specific order):