Assignment 4: Final Project

As mixed reality technologies seem to remove more and more of the need for people to meet in person, what are reasons to continue to interact with each other in physical space?

How could the design of the digital user experience work in tandem with the built environment, which is likely “smart” and “modular”, etc., to facilitate desireable interactions?

What is the information experience in cities of the future?

Site selection will be by assignment according to your ranked preferences; our goal is to ensure both that we explore a variety of directions as a class, and everyone is excited about what they’re working on.

We will then introduce you to professionals with topic-area expertise, e.g. an information architect at the MTA.

For students who are interested, there’s an opportunity to publish with The Interaction Review by on

Week 1: A4.1 Proposal

Do preliminary research, observe, and decide which user needs you will focus on in your chosen space.

Deliverables: preliminary user journey, preliminary problem statement

Week 2: A4.2 Research

Conduct interviews with users as well as experts, design provocations and synthesize a conceptual framework you’ll use to guide your design decisions for the rest of the project.

Deliverables: personas, user framework (e.g. axes), revised user journey, revised problem statement

Week 3: A4.3 Storyboard + Concept

Storyboard possible solutions, and choose one to develop into a concept video that illustrates your ideal user experience.

Week 4: A4.4 Prototype

Prototype your user experience (perhaps a subsection of your concept video.)

Week 5: A4.5 Evaluate + Conclusion + Documentation

Test your prototype with users.

Deliverable: final presentation according to this outline: