Course Objectives

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  1. A0 Sparks: You’ll be randomly assigned to a week in class where you’ll be responsible for sharing an inspirational project you found, over 3 slides x 20 seconds each, at the beginning of class (~3 people will share each week.)
  2. A1 Five Days: For this first assignment you’ll be randomly assigned to a group of 3. Choose one AR app; install it and use it at least once per day for four days. On day five, redesign one interaction from the app and mock a <10 sec. video of what it would look like from a user’s phone.
  3. A2 De-teched: analog AR with scotch tape and transparencies. I’ll explain. You’ll be randomly assigned to a group of 3.
  4. A3 On Campus: form your own groups of 3~4, choose one of the campus prompts.
    • 3.1 Needfinding: identify a population of users, and develop a framework to express their needs.
    • 3.2 Prototyping: design a mixed reality experience and build a prototype based on the user needs you identified.
    • 3.3 Evaluation: test your prototype with users (students) on campus.
  5. A4 Final Project: in groups of 3~4, choose from one of the NYC prompts to design an augmented reality experience.

Final Project Prompts

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Auditors are welcome in class and encouraged to participate in discussion. You may form your own homework groups, the teaching team simply won’t be able to provide grading or feedback due to time constraints.

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